Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have reserved seating?
We assign seating in order that the ticket was purchased for general tours. For group tours we leave that up to the group leader. Of course, handicapped and special needs individuals will have their spots reserved. Contact our office for special arrangements.

Do your buses travel in inclement weather?
Yes, although safety is our number one priority, we do travel in inclement weather. The only way a trip would be cancelled is if the roads were to become un-passable. Any “travel advisories” or “no unnecessary travel” alerts still allow travel and would not cancel one of our trips. We may use an alternate route or need to delay at times so please plan accordingly. Traffic/weather is unpredictable and therefore cannot be held responsible for delays. We make every attempt to allow ample travel time to avoid such delays, but we cannot predict an unforeseen circumstance. Please be aware that any adventure that has tickets or non-refundable portions of the tour are non-refundable to and therefore the refund policy is enforced to our customers as well. Any no shows the day of departure are still non-refundable for any reason.

How do I pay? is able to accept cash, check, or money order and credit cards are accepted.

What amenities are offered on the motor coach?
A bathroom is located on board every motor coach. Most motor coaches we have are also equipped with USB capabilities, and electrical outlet services. Many of our motor coaches are equipped with an up to date sound system and viewing screens.

How many passengers are allowed on the motor coach? can accommodate up to 56 passengers per adventure. We often aim to not book the motor coach to full capacity for the comfort of our guests.

Are food and beverages allowed on board?
Yes, small snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are permitted (no glass bottles). Please be courteous of fellow passengers and clean up after yourself. Please keep in mind we are going to be traveling in an enclosed motor coach and you should be conscious of others with food allergies. Unfortunately, I must also mention that you should be aware of smell of your snacks, please use courteous judgement as to not offend any other passengers with offensive odor. (for example: fish or eggs)

Is alcohol permitted on the motor coach?
No, alcohol can NOT be consumed on board. No drinks of any kind in glass containers are permitted. staff has the right to refuse service (remove you from the adventure) at any point along the adventure for various reasons. AdventureWest.Tours is not liable for your transportation in the event you are asked to leave our adventure.

Are all adventures and motor coaches handicap accessible? is full compliant with all ADA rules and regulations. We do ask that if you need any assistance or have any questions or requests you contact us as soon as possible.

When should I make my Reservation?
We request you make your reservation as early as possible. AdventureWest.Tours will always try our best to make any reasonable accommodations but can not make any guarantees.

What Age do Children need to be to go on these tours?
You must be 18+ years old to participate any adventure with us unless otherwise noted.

How are Rooms Assigned?
We assign rooms on a first come first serve basis, should you have any questions or requests please contact our office.

What is your Smoking policy.
No smoking is allowed on board (including smokeless tobacco products and electronic cigarettes  or around the motor coach at any time.

Are Tips for the Tour Manager & Driver included?
Gratuity’s are not included unless otherwise stated. Tips are welcomed and appreciated for time, effort, and enthusiasm by our staff.

How much Free Time will I have?
Every adventure with is a unique experience. Free time will vary from one adventure to another. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Is there a Bathroom on the Motor Coach?
Restrooms are available but due to the number of people on board we encourage you to plan ahead and reserve our restrooms for emergencies.

Do the Motor Coaches have Heating & Air Conditioning?
Yes, every motor coach is fully climate controlled.

How are Seats Assigned on the Motor Coach?
We try to keep things simple at, seats are usually not assigned, we try to fill seats in order the back to the front leaving the first few rows at the front of the bus for people who may have special needs or who are unable to easily navigate themselves to the rear of the motor coach. We do ask that you have a request, you contact us as soon as possible so we can try to make the proper accommodations.

What if I need to Return Home Early?
Should a problem arise any you must leave early, you must make your own plans for transportation. No refunds will be allowed without prior authorization.

Is a deposit required to make a group reservation?
All adventures are required a deposit. Deposit amounts will vary depending on the adventure you will be taking with us.

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