About AdventureWest.tours

AdventureWest.tours is a family-owned and operated private charter tour company. Donald and Amy Riegler have been in the tour industry for 4+ years and have traveled extensively throughout Arizona and the Southwest. Donald is a proud U.S. Marine veteran and has a passion for travel, tourism, and hospitality. Amy Boxer Riegler, Donald's wife, has spent over 30 years in business management and accounting, and knows how to get things done! Together with Donald's daughter, Manda, they are driven to create amazing tour experiences with the highest level of service and the some of the best drivers and tour directors around.


Our Experience

Donald Riegler has been driving and touring Arizona and the Southwest for the past four years. He will be at the center of your tour's experience making sure everything on your tour goes smoothly. Don knows all the great places to stop, shop, tour, and see the sites. He will ensure that your tour is amazing from start to finish.

Back at the ranch, Amy and Manda have you covered. They will assist you in developing tour ideas, itineraries, costing, and scheduling. They can provide you with all the materials you need to deliver an amazing experience to your guests. Customer service and hospitality are their number one!

Our Fleet

At AdventureWest.tours utilizes the comfort, safety,  and class of modern Setra Motorcoaches to provide a relaxing, comfortable ride to and from all their destinations. Coaches are kept in top-notch condition with impeccable cleanliness and service records.

Our motorcoaches are safe and full of amenities such as foot rests, movable arm rests, seat recline, overhead storage, and an onboard lavatory.  In addition, we also have front to back WIFI so you can stay connected, upload photos, read email, or browse Facebook while we're on the road (not that you'd want to, the scenery on many of our tours is breathtaking!) Hand rails, seat rails, and comfort-height level steps make it easy and safe to move around the cabin, embark, and disembark. Extra large basement storage bins provide even more storage for multi-day tours or any large shopping items or souvenirs that you couldn't pass up!

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